Manifesting the Look of Love 2014

Project Description

Using years in love as a parameter for the gaze duration, Look of Love captures the gaze of two lovers and manifests the data into an object. The objects are made with the participant's anniversary material. In collaboration with Haelo Design, Zach Pino, and Sanaz Sohrabi, this piece is presented at the 2014 Istanbul Design Biennial.

Project Goals

  • Capture the look of love
  • Develop an alterinative to using a computer monitor for gaze data collection
  • Exhibit design/research internationally
  • Explore methods for three-dimensional eye tracking
  • Contribute to the open-source eye tracker Gazept



paper / one year

paper object — 1st anniversary — lisa + bruce

willow / nine years

willow object — 9th anniversary — david + vanessa

aluminum / ten years

aluminum object — 10th anniversary — heather + tom

porcelain / 20 years

porcelain object — 20th anniversary — helen maria + ron (haelo design)

silver / 25 years

silver object — 25th anniversary — craig + patrice the silver object highlights the focus of each lover all images courtesy of Haelo Design