Microfluidic Devices 2016

Project Description

As the price of sequencing decreases, we still are left with the laborious proces of purifying and extracting DNA. Microfluidics is becoming a potential alternative for streamlining the process of purification and extraction. This series of objects offer a cheap method for fluid control inside the channels, drifting away from the idea of having external controls for the chip itself. This SOC approach could potentially become a more affordable solution to make simple autonomous fludid mixing and handling.

Project Goals

  • Design using micro fabrication techniques
  • Develop novel methods for decentralizing external actuators from the chip
  • Use electronics on a chip (SOC approach)

Spur Gear Pump for Fluid Handling

The idea behind the spur gear pump as a microfluidic component was to come up with an affordable way to regulate liquid flow (both direction and speed). Liquid from one inlet is pushed out in the direction in which the gears turn.

Motor Controller (for testing optimal fluid speed)

Feedback Mixer with DC Motor Assembly

Context: Organ on a Chip