Playground: objects in my desk 2017

Project Description

Here are objects/projects that I have been tossing around my studio in the last few weeks. Some are dated and some are more recent. I will try to keep this updated, hoping to treat this like a blog.

Display Modules for Biological Visualization

I had an idea to design a language for some of the visualizations I've done in the past for my thesis Towards a Holobiont Urbanism. I am experiment using small oscillating animations, similar to conway's game of life, superinposed on video (see exhibition in Venice Biennale). I had an idea to create cheap modules that visualize the pixel on an 8x8 matrix, while another matrix displays the name of the bacteria. The idea would be to have these around cities, as a sort of external experience that describes the bacteria collected in the locations. I will deploy the modules soon, to see if they feel right in the wild.

Storefront for Art and Architecture

I want to propose an installation at the Storefront for Art and Architecture where each panel acts as a module for specific bacteria growth, as a data visualization. Here are some quick renders done in Maya using Arnold for rendering. Ben Berman has been an incredible VFX teacher, and I will always be greatful for his help.

VR Material Research

I've been thinking about perception in the realm of VR. It seems that more and more the answer for a more connected experience with virtual reality is to have haptic feedback, in form of actuators and harnesses that aid the application. I've been thinking about the materiality of the headset itself, that one does not have to inflate or jam a body to create a sense of gravity, rather the weight and texture of the headset itself could develop new perceptions themselves. We love tactility. Why not change the headset itself? Why not embed headsets into bricks or everyday objects? Into discarded pieces of 2x4? Inside of a tree? Can the materiality of the headset hint or aid to the experience? Can it tell a better story? I am exploring new textures for headsets, including jamming, woods, stickyness, chalkyness, roughness, smoothness etc. This is a first take on an ongoing exploration.


Here are some experiments ive been doing in Maya.

Peristaltic Pumps

I've been failing very much on desiging my own peristaltic pumps for quite a while now. Ive had mild success, but overall the tolerances are never right, and calculating the fluid-per-turn is never consistant. Then again, I probably haven't tried hard enough. Here are a bunch of images of failed prototypes, even some manual hand-cranked prototypes, in form of watches.